Burdell & Affiliates

BURDELL PROPERTIES, a California corporation, founded in 1967, is a real estate syndication and asset management firm specializing in the acquisition and joint venture management of investment properties in the Southwest, West Coast, and Pacific Northwest Coast areas of the United States, and the Western Cape of South Africa. The corporate staff is headquartered in Novato, California, a Marin County city 20 miles north of San Francisco.


BURDELL MANAGEMENT, LTD., formed in 1987, is a California limited partnership; Burdell Properties is the general partner; Dave Jefferson, John Rauck, Lincoln Strong and Michelle Riddle are the limited partners. Its principal business is serving as the managing general partner/sponsor of all real estate investment partnerships formed since 1987.


SOUTH ATLANTIC WINES: In 2003, we created a new division of Burdell Properties, South Atlantic Wines (SAW), and licensed our company in CA and nationally, with TTB, in order to import wines from our Silkbush Mountain Vineyard in South Africa. SAW is also a member of the National Association of Beverage Importers (NABI) based in Washington, D.C. While our colleagues at Heritage Link Brands are presently our US Silkbush importer of record, SAW periodically assists other US wineries and importers with their importing strategies and long range plans.


For many years, our vineyard partnerships were one of Robert Mondavi Winery’s largest growers of grapes in Napa County, and La Crema’s (Kendall-Jackson) largest supplier of Chardonnay in Sonoma County. (We have also sold substantial grape quantities to Korbel, Simi, Fetzer, Turning Leaf Reserve (Gallo) and Beringer wineries in past years.) We now sell our grapes to Jordan, Buehler, Irony Wines, Honig, Bennett Family Wines, Hertzog, and numerous smaller wineries.


Dave Jefferson with two late, great winery founders: Robert Mondavi and Jamie Davies, co-founder of the modern day Schramsburg, noted Napa sparkling wine producer.