Burdell Properties

We are an asset management firm specializing in the acquisition and joint venture management of investment properties with a focus on vineyard agricultural land. If you are looking for investment possibilities, we can offer you solutions!


Current Income – Safety of Principal

While we maintain current income objectives of 8% to 12% per year for all our investors, we stress safety of principal above all else. We specialize in vineyards and wineries, development land, and retail shopping centers, chiefly in California and Texas, because our income and capital preservation objectives are best achieved in these areas.  We also provide an international portfolio diversification as we have developed a large vineyard project in the Western Cape of South Africa, called Silkbush Mountain Vineyards, and have reduced the cost of producing noble red wines.

Real Estate Exchanges

Burdell’s management are specialists in “1031 tax-free exchanges,” providing transaction and tax planning experience every step of the way. We and our clients are very “capital gains tax averse.”

Investment Structures – Creative Financing Plans

Burdell Properties originates and manages individual and group real estate investments; investment structures have included participating loans, equity trades with seller options to repurchase, general and limited partnerships, tenancies-in-common, and unleveraged fee ownership acquisitions. We solve real estate financing problems both creatively and with cash, and it usually takes both. Burdell Properties currently manages 14 partnerships and joint ventures with over $100 million of current market value real estate assets. “Post-closing” asset management services provided include day-to-day administration and analysis, periodic written reports to investors and annual tax planning/return preparation and filing. We also directly property manage our vineyards and development land.

We work on a commission or negotiated fee basis. We are MBAs, CPAs, real estate and securities brokers, and significant investors in our own projects. If these ideas and business philosophies appeal to you, please give us a call and let’s determine if we can be of help.

Real estate is inherently an illiquid, risky business, yet one which can generate substantial returns. We serve real estate investors, especially those interested in wine, who share our views and values, and who need and expect substantial returns on their long-term capital investments.

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